Laser Lines

Laser line markers cast an intense, thin, straight line on any surface.  The laser is 3R rated which is similar in intensity to an optical computer mouse, it is safe to look at but not to stare at in a prolonged way.  Due to the intensity of the line generated, these are suitable in brightly lit areas where LED Line Projectors are less effective.  Lasers will also cast a much longer line – up to a maximum of 80 metres in green provided environmental conditions are suitable.  Red lines are a little shorter, up to around 50 metres.

Like all projected markings, they are effective on any floor surface, as well as water, foam, mud, ice, snow, powder, oil, general traffic film and piled up debris.  Laser line markers are also designed and built for a harsh industrial environment and are popular outdoors, particularly for docking lanes and outdoor walkways.

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  • Compact and powerful units
  • 2 colours
  • Long, intense lines
  • Adjustable line length
  • 2 year warranty
  • Minimum 8,000 hr life
  • Water proof and dust proof unit

Suitable For

  • Internal and external use
  • Industrial and logistical environments where configuration is regularly changing
  • Large areas and spaces where there are long lines required.
  • Operational in the harshest conditions

Technical Information

Power supply 240V AC
Lifespan 8,000+ hrs
Operating temperature -20C to 50C
Laser Class 3R (Eyesafe, IEC 60825-1 2014-05)
Wavelength Green – 520nm,  Red – 635nm
Output power >5mW
Input power 3-6V DC, 200mA
Protection IP67
Weight – kg 0.26

Additional information

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