Laser line markers and line projectors cast a highly visible straight line onto a wall or floor surface. They are especially effective in situations where ambient light levels are low but are visible in any conditions and cannot be obscured. Whether the line is marked on clean surfaces, or whether on mud, oil, water, foam, ice, powder etc, or even piled up debris and broken surfaces, they are still bright and clearly visible. Available in several colours, they are often used in situations where a temporary or mobile hazard might exist during production, and the danger area can be ‘switched’ in and off as needed or mounted to an overhead crane. Also popular in production areas where the nature of production means the factory layout is constantly changing or evolving. The main function is to provide clear lines in any area, inside or outdoors where painted or taped lines are subject to wear and tear, regular changes or are simply being ignored or treated as optional.

Laser line markers provide a thin and intense strip of light and are commonly used for guides for accurate docking of lorries to loading areas or to prevent accidents high up on pallet racking. Projected lines are thicker and an ideal replacement for tired or scuffed paint and tape.  Obviously they cannot be covered, obscured, scuffed, tripped over, will not fade and wear, and can be relocated quickly reducing time taken to remove painted and taped lines


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