Do more with your floor

Whatever information you need to communicate to your team, ensuring it is always visible can be a major challenge and a critical factor in the unfortunate event of a health and safety incident.

Projected signage can take many forms and can be used for warnings, directions, instructions, operating data, company news, temporary hazards and many more.  You can apply signage to walls, but have you considered using the floor more?  In harsh environments pedestrians will more often look at the pathway in front of them than the walls around them.  What about machines?  You can rarely apply paint or warning labels to very hot surfaces, but you can project a warning onto them that will never peel off or deteriorate, and can be switched off when not relevant.

Projected messages are suitable indoors or outside, they won’t wear and fade, nothing can be placed on top of them, and they can be applied to floors and walls, machinery, doors, roller doors etc and are clearly visible on rough or smooth ground, mud, oil, snow and ice, water and any other type of debris on the surface.  They can be operated by a switch, or by a PIR, and they can flash for maximum visibility


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